Congratulations Emerald 17-5641, you’ve won!

According to Pantone, this color is “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” (via) Personally, I believe everyone has just finally realized how much they wanted to be Irish (ok, maybe just a certain CMO and her Marketing/Social Media minion…).

Emerald is most often thought of in correlation with the gemstone, oozing sophistication and luxury. The gemstone is a symbol of hope and brings the wearer reason and wisdom, while providing tranquility to troubled minds that see it.

With all the tragedies, crises and interesting weather we’ve been having, it’s easy to see the draw to this hue from a cultural standpoint. The growing, and still popular, trend of sustainability and “Going Green” makes this color a clear choice as well.

Picking the Color

How does a color become the “Color of the Year” you ask? Pantone sets up a poll and asks all sorts of designers and advertisers what colors they are partial to and will feature in their collections, artwork and campaigns this coming year.


How does emerald fit in with a design perspective? It’s been embraced by fashion and jewelry designers – but those in the marketing/advertising world are still a bit skeptical (via).

The color could get old fast, and brings up memories of a certain yellow brick road. This particular shade is somewhat limiting in the eye of some designers – difficult to feature as a standalone but it does have potential for use in patterns.


What do you think about the color of the year? Will you be wearing it or using it in your designs?