We love when other creatives combine two of our favorite things, a fun memory with type. I found this blog post and has to share it. Rob Getek created some grrreat Lion King Posters!

What I love about the posters is that they capture our favorite faces from The Lion King and have specially selected and paired with their best-known move sayings. When I see things like this, I think, man, how come I didn’t think of something like that.

Next month I’m actually going to see The Lion King musical with my family for my grandmas x-mas present we got her. We’ll see how it goes, but of course this is one of my all time favorite movies growing up.

Posters below of Simba, Rafiki, Pumba, Scar, Timone, Hyena, Zazu:

rafiki simbafull pumba scar hyena timone zazu


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