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Color-Lover Resources

Color is incredibly important in any design. If you have studied or know a little about color theory, you know the great psychological and emotional effects color has on viewers. It is an incredibly powerful tool, that when used wisely will wow views and help create…

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Lion King typogrrraphy Poster Designs

We love when other creatives combine two of our favorite things, a fun memory with type. I found this blog post and has to share it. Rob Getek created some grrreat Lion King Posters! What I love about the posters is that they capture our…

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8 Websites/Blogs/Feeds Every Designer/Art Director Should Follow

Anytime I get a new project to need to generate those creative juices, I turn to my favorite design sites for inspiration. The more you learn, the more your realize how much there is to learn. That’s true lo life, and it’s certainly true to design…

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