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Social Data from the 2012 Presidential Election

By now you’ve certainly heard the news that President Barack Obama will spend another four years in the White House. Social Media was extremely active as election results were flowing in and when the official announcement was made. See what activity looked like in what…

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It’s Your Vote

Election Day Predictions After 2.5 years and over $2B spent by both candidates, we have arrived at election day. Pundits from both sides are predicting comfortable victories, but what does the data say? If online behavior is any indication, neither candidate should feel all that…

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I Mustache You A Question?

“Field Guide to Typestaches” illustrates all the facial hair options that can be attained through clever typography. A friend sent this to me and I think it’s very creative. They took fonts and made them into a typeface poster, I could see this being an…

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